August 24, 2009


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What nonviolent, creative activities on September 12th at Franklin Mills Mall would cause civil, military, and corporate officials the greatest degree of anxiety? How can we be the biggest pain in the ass to these people? I don’t know how Gandhi or Christ or King planned their actions, but I’m sure they had love in their hearts for their adversaries while at the same time hoping to cause a ruckus. Same here.

We need to stay focused on these questions as we move closer to September 12th.

The greatest thing going for us is the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. We know it’s not in vogue these days, but civil authorities, who are supposed to be in charge at Franklin Mills Mall, are expected to protect our freedom of speech and our right to freely assemble.

We obviously don’t agree that we shed our constitutional rights when we enter the premises owned by the Simon Property Group. This envelope we intend to stretch. We will not allow our Army to hide this way.

Although it would be pretty tough for police or mall personnel to legitimately ban someone from entering the building, authorities may feel they have cause to stop someone from entering if they’re wearing clothing or carrying signs suggesting involvement in a protest.

So don’t!

Lay low. We’re asking folks to enter the mall between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm and browse. We certainly don’t want anyone to buy anything that day! We’re also suggesting that demonstrators stay in groups of three or less as they check out the latest fashions at JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, or wherever. It’s probably not a good idea to enter the mall near the Army Experience Center, which is located in Space A in the diagram below, between the Skatepark and Sam Ash.


We’re expecting national television and print coverage this time around, so we want to make sure our presence is formidable.

Everyone will be in or at the Army Experience Center at 2:00 pm.  So plan with your affinity group to make this happen.

We’ll have a brief, loud demonstration and we’ll quickly disperse to our next locations.

Meanwhile, folks willing to risk arrest are being asked to begin showing up at the Army Experience Center as early as noon to sample one of the X Box video murder games or one of the killing simulators. It would be excellent to have folks on the inside throughout the day.  

There will be more postings, so check back!

For more information call Elaine at 917-520-0767.

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