Some casino games include a skill component in their outcome. Others are entirely based on luck. All online casino games are driven partly or entirely by chance. The software that powers them all uses a random number generator (or RNG) to generate the numbers. The Random Number Generator is a mathematical program that generates completely random numbers. RNGs can be different and must be thoroughly tested to ensure they are truly random.

An RNG plays an important role in some games. European roulette is an example. The RNG generates numbers from 1 to 37, with 37 equivalent to “0” on the roulette wheel. When the RNG generates a number and the casino stops, bets can either be paid or forfeited.

The RNG must generate two random numbers in craps. In single-deck card games, it must generate numbers from 1 to 52. Each number corresponds to a particular card. The RNG must “remember” the cards it has dealt with avoiding them being dealt again during a single deck of card games. The RNG is driven by a more complex mathematical algorithm when dealing with multiple decks, such as online blackjack.

RNGs may require that the user specify an initial seed value. This value can vary randomly. Some RNGs use the time displayed on a clock to serve as a seed. This ensures that the RNG is completely autonomous. Some RNGs operate simultaneously, and one RNG picks from the results. This creates a super-randomness in the calculation. These are only a few examples of how RNGs work. However, it will give you an idea of the brain behind many online casino games that you love.

Any RNG must produce fair numbers. These numbers have to be unpredicted and objective to be considered fair. Independent testing entities such as eCOGRA must regularly test internet gaming platforms to ensure true. To ensure that the RNG algorithms are reliable and impartial, the testing groups must test them over millions of hands of card games and millions of dice throws.

You may find a site or person telling you that certain slots machines have a predictable “cycle”. This means that you can predict when the jackpot will be due. Or, they may try to sell you a system to predict hits. These tricks are not gambling strategies. They’re just a way to waste your money. You can use your hard-earned money for something else.

Online casinos should have their software tested by eCOGRA or Certified Fair Gambling, Gaming Associates (CFG), Gaming Associates (BMM International), Technical Systems Testing (TST), Price Waterhouse Coopers (or another reputable independent auditor), before you make your choice. Online casinos open about their software platforms and have independent auditing will be more likely to provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.